Attention. read carefully, as these instructions are valid as purchasing rules for our website. By confirming a purchase, the user will be agreeing to our terms.

First access:
The user can freely browse the site, however, he will only have access to some views of the stories. (10 scenes released for free).

The site offers two forms of purchase, individual purchase and Platinum Plan.

For individual purchase, you need to register on the website, don’t worry, registration is free.

Go to the top right of the site and click on: “Login”

Registration is standard, but don’t forget to use a valid email address, as you will have to confirm your registration through it.

There, you can now shop individually for your favorite stories.

Platinum Plan:

To hire the Platinum Plan, you will use your registration that was made for the individual purchase. It serves for both access options.

Log in to your account and go to the menu: “Subscribe Now”

In the “Subscribe now” area, you have the option to “Add to Cart”. Click on it if you want to run this option.

When you run this option, on the right side of the screen, a screen will appear describing your purchase. Confirm and go to the payment option through the financial company hired by the site pigking.com.br.

It is worth mentioning that both the individual purchase and the subscription of the Platinum Plan are valid for 30 (thirty) consecutive days. After this period, it will be necessary to re-contract the plan or purchase the comic individually.

Have a good time!

All stories purchased individually can be downloaded for 30 days through the “Downloads” menu in the client area. In addition, you can view all pages of the stories on the story page, on the website, also for 30 days.

You can view 10 pages of each story without making an individual purchase.

After subscribing to the Platinum Plan, you are entitled to access all the stories on the site for 30 days. To view, just go to the story page to see the full gallery. The subscription to the Platinum Plan does not entitle you to download the story, if you want to download it, you will need to purchase the story individually.