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Prize Draw Rules

by Lucas Serra

1. Notification:

  • Only those with an active subscription on the draw date will be eligible to participate in the draws.
  • “The winning subscriber will be notified of the result by email, and their name will not be disclosed on the website for security and privacy reasons.”

2. Answer Deadline:

  • “Upon notification, the winner must provide the information requested by our team within 30 days. PigKing is not responsible for any incorrect information provided by the winner.”

3. Shipping and Responsibility:

  • “PigKing is not responsible for the shipping time of the carrier, nor for any damage caused to the prize during transportation.”
  • “The shipping of the prize and payment of the shipping cost will be the responsibility of PigKing, however, PigKing will not be responsible if the prize is stuck in the customs of the destination country for any reason, nor will it be responsible for additional costs to unlock the product.”

4. Date and Time:

  • “It is at the discretion of PigKing to define the date and time of the draw, as well as to change the date and time of the draw without prior notice, if necessary. There will also be no set interval between each draw.”

5. Prize:

  • “The definition of the prize of the draw is at the discretion of PigKing. The prizes will not necessarily be equivalent or of equal value in each draw.”

6. Contact:

  • “For any other questions, please contact us by email at rendercomics3d@gmail.com or lucas.serra@pigking.com.br.”

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